Luxury Cares Las Vegas

Mission Statement

Luxury Cares mission is to execute a comprehensive strategy related to all aspects of canine welfare in the Las Vegas community.

Our efforts include:

1. Donating funds to local groups who provide food and services to low-income areas and the homeless population.

2. Promote and fund spay/neuter programs.

3. Promote an “Adopt Don’t Shop” message to reduce the number of animals in shelters.

4. Provide funds for preventive health maintenance, vaccines and a social media awareness campaign regarding to health or risks to animals. (Example preventing Parvo or foods that are poisons to animals)

5. Collaborate with The District Attorney’s Office, LVMPD, the Humane Society, StreetDogz and Elected Officials to strengthen regulations that will reduce the supply of unwanted/homeless animals from illegal breeders and unethical pet stores.

6. Provide reward money for the arrest and conviction of animal abusers ($5000 in Pahrump in 2017)

7. Lastly, we set aside funds to quickly disperse if there is an animal in need of a life-saving surgery when the owners do not have the financial resources to pay for the procedure.

Our team is comprised of high-level executives that range from the US to Beijing and a significant amount of our future funding will come from executives from these companies.

Our Clients


Interested in assisting this cause? Please donate items on our Amazon wish list. All items donated are delivered directly to our facilities and then distributed throughout the Las Vegas valley. Thank you in advance. 




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