Healthy Heart

Heart disease can afflict dogs of all breeds and sizes. Find out what the signs are, and how these conditions can be diagnosed and treated using an integrative approach.

George is a nine-year-old poodle. During a routine checkup six months ago, his veterinarian heard a heart murmur. More recently, his family noticed he was “not his normal spunky self”, and was panting and restless. Radiographs of George’s chest showed a large heart and fluid in his lungs. An echocardiogram revealed a leaky mitral valve. The diagnosis was congestive heart disease. George was given emergency treatment with a diuretic to reduce the fluid in his lungs. His family was presented with several long-term treatment options, including drugs, herbs and nutritional therapy. Because George was in heart failure, his people opted to take an integrative approach and use every possible treatment, both conventional and alternative. So he was started on an ACE inhibitor along with Hawthorne extract and a Chinese herbal formula called Wu Ling San. His family also started adding vegetables to his diet.

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