December 28, 2017

Pets on Planes: What You Need to Know

It’s probably pretty obvious that Hipmunk loves animals (I mean, we have one as our mascot. We also boast a dog-friendly office). And as a travel company, we’re highly sensitive to the conflicts that arise between wanderlust and the love for one’s pet. We’re also pretty good at mitigating the risks when we choose to take our pets on planes.

Following the news of the untimely death of Simon the Giant Rabbit, I asked around the office for tips on keeping your furbaby safe on flights.

Make Sure They Are Healthy Enough to Fly

This one should be pretty obvious, but a proper evaluation of your pet’s current health condition is maybe the most important step a pet owner can take before taking them on a plane. Especially since underlying or pre-existing conditions make up the vast majority or the incident reports the Department of Transportation is required to post on its website as part of the Animal Welfare Act.

Pets on Planes: What You Need to Know

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